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A Louisiana man stopped to help a kitten on the roadside before getting ambushed by a litter of them, which he eventually helped rehome. 
The video of Robert Brantley saving 13 kittens in June has recently resurfaced on Twitter and viewers are just as overjoyed as they were the first time around. 
Brantley was driving home in Pioneer, Louisiana, on June 7 when he ‘ran across what I thought was a baby kitten by itself,’ he told Viral Hog. 
A little black, brown, and white kitten was seem wandering on the side of the road in the viral video before rushing over to him, where he scoops him and shows the little kitten off to the camera. 
Moments later, Brantley can be heard saying: ‘Oh no.’ 
The Southerner was instantly ambushed why a swarm of little kitties, eagerly awaiting his attention. Kitten after kitten was seen jumping over the grass and gathered excitedly around his feet. 
‘I thought I was saving one, hot-diggity-dog,’ he can be heard saying. 
Robert Brantley saved 13 kittens in June after stopping on his way home when he saw Scout (pictured) wandering on his own
Soon after he approached the small cat, a dozens others sprouted from the grass and raced toward him. He would end up taking them home and rehoming them to good families 
The family kept three kittens, Ruby, Scout, and Milo (pictured) and showed them napping in a crate by the window 
The dad-of-two would eventually scoop up all 13 kittens into his car and took them home. 
‘[I] wasn’t ready to take them but couldn’t leave them for dead either,’ he told Viral Hog. ‘So I loaded them up and brought them home where we’re working to get them healthy and get a good home.’ 
A day later, he shared a video of his car swarmed with chirping kittens roaming every inch, as he playfully groaned: ‘My tactical Honda was not prepared for this.’ 
He revealed he loaded up the little fur balls by rolling down the car window and ‘funneling em in.’ 
‘I couldn’t keep up with them as I would throw one in and two would jump out,’ he wrote on Instagram in June. 
Brantley would go on to share the kitten’s bath time, showing little Scout getting all clean up in a kiddie pool. 
The kittens – Scout, Ruby, Nala, Michael Scott, Zeus, Champ, Sandy, Milo, just to name a few – were mostly rehomed. The family kept Ruby, Scout, and Milo. 
Brantley last updated the world showing his precious new kittens languidly lounging around in a box by the window. 

The Brantley family shared many photos of the kittens and even included some of their names, which include: Nala, Scout, Ruby, and Milo 
The Brantley family would go on to help another dog who had just had a puppy in the same spot where the kittens were found and would also rescue a little of dogs. 
His wife, Courtney, would later take in eight puppies after finding out that an ‘elderly man that had a yard full of cats and dogs.’ 
‘Her and the kids went to feed [and] water them and found this cute litter of puppies there. They were in bad shape but looking good after a bath and some good food,’ Brantley wrote on Facebook on June 19. has reached out to Brantley for an update on the kittens.  
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