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Considering what the graphics card market looked like even earlier this year, it’s really hard to believe that we’re now seeing some SKUs dip below their stated SRP. This isn’t the case just in North America, but all around the world. To help us get caught up on things, we decided to hit up Amazon’s USA website and search for each one of the current-gen GPUs, to see where things currently stand.
There are a couple of important things to note here. First, all of the pricing links in the tables below are affiliated, and purchases made through them help support the website. Second, just because we’re taking a look at current pricing, we don’t necessarily suggest purchasing a current-gen GPU now; that will be largely dependent on how badly you need a new GPU. Both AMD and NVIDIA are expected to launch new generation GPUs in the months ahead, so bear that in mind.
After poring over the current price data, one thing became clear: Radeon fans will be the biggest beneficiaries of price changes, as we saw drops for the entire line-up – save for the RX 6800 XT, which we couldn’t find below SRP. Only GeForce fans looking for NVIDIA’s most powerful options will see lower-than-SRP pricing:
This really is something to see. AMD’s entire lineup can be found for lower than SRP, whereas only the top three models on the NVIDIA side have seen similar drops. Even AMD’s lowest-end RX 6400 saw a bit of a price drop, but on the NVIDIA side, the lower-than-SRP option starts at RTX 3080 Ti.
After the market dealt with price gouging for so long, it’s really impressive to see some of the changes even in NVIDIA’s lineup. The RTX 3090 Ti released only this past March, at $1,999. Today, that GPU can be found for a price much lower than the original RTX 3090 – we found models at $1,299. Considering the price differences currently seen between RTX 3090 and RTX 3090 Ti, you may as well go with the latter if you’ve been considering the former.
As mentioned, everything on the AMD side sees attractive pricing, with the RX 6900 XT being of particular note, as it sits $200 under its $999 SRP. Meanwhile, the memory clock boosted RX 6950 XT remains at over $1,000. Another notable SKU on the AMD side is the RX 6600 XT, priced $80 lower than SRP, and $60 behind the memory clock boosted RX 6650 XT.
Overall, it’s great to see prices dropping on current-gen GPUs, although it would have been nice to see as much of it happen on the NVIDIA side as it did the AMD side!
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