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Naruto Uzumaki may have been successful, but he still had major flaws that were influential in his life.
Naruto Uzumaki became the hero of the Hidden Leaf Village and its strongest and most diligent protector. However, Naruto was not always so successful — it took a long time of working hard and achieving great feats to sway the hearts of the Hidden Leaf Villagers, especially since Naruto was a pariah at the beginning of Naruto.
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While Naruto achieved greatness, he had many flaws which made it more difficult to rise to greatness and made others think he was too goofy, naive, and impulsive to amount to much. Eventually, Naruto proved everyone wrong, but that does not mean these flaws were not apparent and influential in his life.
Naruto Uzumaki is nothing if not impulsive. He jumped in front of Kabuto to protect Tsunade, he ruined a plan by chasing down an unknown Akatsuki member to retrieve Gaara’s body, and he bit off more than he could chew on countless occasions throughout Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden.
This all came from a good place, though. He wanted to keep his loved ones safe and he wanted to stand up for those who had less power. Unfortunately, Naruto was never the smartest strategist and he often acted without thinking.
Naruto rarely plans things out. He is a “fly by the seat of his pants” kind of guy. One of the most accurate demonstrations of this was during the chunin exam’s preliminary fights when he passed gas and threw off Kiba Inuzuka’s scent as a “secret plan” that he had up his sleeve (which was just an accidental act of nature calling).
Another instance of Naruto’s lack of planning was when he chased down Deidara who tried to make off with Gaara’s body after the extraction of the Shukaku. Naruto was only able to keep up with Deidara long enough for Kakashi Hatake to gain a handle on the situation thanks to the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit’s power.
Naruto never really grows up in Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden (though he does seem a lot more mature in Boruto). When he returned from training with Jiraiya, Sakura Haruno remarked on how much more mature Naruto seemed, but she immediately ate her words when it was revealed that Naruto had perfected his sexy jutsu, a notoriously immature and gross jutsu.
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Naruto always retained some level of childishness and while it often was endearing or a by-product of his better traits, it was often annoying, gross, or just plain frustrating.
Part of why Naruto is so childish is because he is so naive. He always sees the good in people and he thinks of the complicated, war-torn shinobi world in simple terms that don’t do it justice. No one else would have succeeded in unifying the shinobi world as Naruto did, but Naruto was just naive (and powerful) enough to pull it off.
Anyone else would have died well before being able to effect change on the shinobi world. Naruto’s nativity often makes him frustrating and unable to engage in important and dire situations within Naruto.
Naruto relies on the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit, or Kurama, to the detriment of those around him. He had the makings of a powerful shinobi, even without Kurama’s help. He was an Uzumaki with incredible levels of chakra and he had the potential to reach sage mode. Unfortunately, he relied on the red chakra that often caused great amounts of collateral damage.
Naruto gets a handle on Kurama’s power towards the end of Naruto, but that is not before a lot of harm is done. His reliance on Kurama was a crutch and it led to a lot of danger for his allies and his own body.
Naruto is one of the most irresponsible characters in the show and that continues into his adult life in Boruto. Part of this is because he has a hard time prioritizing (many people look to him as a leader), but a lot of it is also just his difficulty with responsibility. At the beginning of the franchise, Naruto drinks spoiled milk, doesn’t clean or do chores, and does not take it upon himself to do his book learning.
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Naruto is irresponsible in battle, too. By rushing in impulsively, he acts irresponsibly.
Naruto was obsessed with saving Sasuke, just as he was obsessed with becoming the Hokage and with saving other characters along the way (like Gaara after he had Shukaku extracted from him). However, this was not always a good quality — it led to a lot of pain, not only for Naruto but also for his friends, like Sakura Haruno.
Sakura even goes as far as to lie to Naruto and try to get him to let Sasuke go, but Naruto went to the ends of the earth to bring Sasuke back and even lost an arm trying.
Especially when he was young, Naruto had a terrible habit of acting out for attention. He grew up an orphan, was ostracized by the entire village, and struggled in school where he was ostensibly left behind. While this behavior was certainly understandable for a child with such trauma, it was sometimes hard for fans to watch as Naruto crossed the line from endearing to infuriating.
For the most part, Naruto’s acting out did not have a large effect on those of the Hidden Leaf Village, but it made his progress as a shinobi slow at first.
As a shonen protagonist, Naruto was as cliché as they come and sometimes this affected Naruto negatively — his actions were often unlikely, his success seemed always ensured, and his power-ups fell victim to power creep. He was a paragon of kindness, generosity, and loyalty, making him a cookie-cutter hero. The most unique thing about his alignment was simply the incredible amount of positive thinking he exuded.
This made Naruto as a protagonist less special and as a result it made Naruto less special. However, he was still a great protagonist in a classic anime. Fans just feel like Naruto was sometimes predictable and boring.
Naruto had the chakra reserves of an Uzumaki, sage mode, and the passed-down power of Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. Plus, the Nine-Tails lived within him and was his friend. While Sasuke Uchiha was an Uchiha with a powerful Sharingan and later the Rinnegan, Naruto was just the perfect storm to create a powerful character.
While Naruto did struggle throughout Naruto, his power just felt unbeatable at times. Even though he lost to Sasuke on occasions, his power was world-shattering, and he was never using all of his latent ability. Fans felt like it broke the series, which was likely why he had to be nerfed in Boruto.
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