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Naruto has proven himself a true hero many times throughout the series, and altogether, they prove that he is one of the greatest shonen heroes ever.
As one of the greatest shonen series out there, Naruto is full of amazing heroes, coming from every ninja village and all walks of life. However, few can compare to the titular protagonist himself. As the main character, it's only natural that Naruto is a hero that everyone can root for. Still, that's not the only thing that makes him heroic.
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Throughout the entire series, Naruto proves his heroism to the audience. He protects his loved ones at any cost and remains true to his "ninja way" no matter what. Naruto's actions inspire those around him and prove to everyone that he's a true hero.
From the moment fans first meet him, Naruto is always true to himself. He has a strict honor code he adheres to, and he doesn't let anything stand in the way of it. Even in the most dangerous situations, Naruto keeps to his "ninja way" and bravely faces off against whatever foe comes his way.
Just like the bravest of heroes, Naruto never wavers in the face of danger, and he always manages to save the day in his own authentic way. As he always says, he never gives up and never goes back on his word. That's indeed the mark of a true hero.
Naruto hasn't had an easy life, to say the least. Despite it all, he's always remained a compassionate and caring person, no matter how tough things got. He knows exactly what it's like to be alienated and looked down on, so whenever he sees it happening to someone else, he has to step in.
Naruto looks out for those weaker than him, speaking out on their behalf when they've been knocked down. It doesn't matter who it is, Naruto is willing to call out even the strongest of Shinobi to defend the honor of others.
Though he comes from the humblest of beginnings, Naruto becomes an inspiration to those around him over the years. His optimism and determination to make his dreams come true are infectious and have touched even the coldest hearts in the series.
Naruto spreads his inspirational message of hope everywhere he goes, changing the lives of just about everyone he meets. He's even managed to inspire great rulers, helping them become better leaders for their people. Just like any hero before him, Naruto motivates others to do their best and never give up on their own dreams.
At the start of the series, Naruto doesn't understand the power sealed inside of him and even fears it. For a long time, he and the fearsome Nine-tailed Fox demon are at odds with each other, making it impossible for Naruto to control his abilities. However, Naruto comes to understand Kurama with time, and he becomes determined to befriend him.
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Naruto shows the demon kindness like he's never known before and slowly, he begins to soften his hardened heart. By showing him friendship and understanding, Naruto changes Kurama for the better and makes him his closest ally.
Like all heroes, Naruto refuses to give up on anyone, especially not his friends. When Sasuke betrays the village and joins Orochimaru, Naruto vows to bring him home no matter what. Always true to his word, he never gives up and always perseveres. Even after everyone else has lost their faith in Sasuke completely, Naruto still believes that there's good in him.
Ultimately, Naruto turns out to be right all along, and his hard work and faith prove to be enough to bring Sasuke back. In the end, he's the only one capable of getting through to Sasuke, only further emphasizing his heroism.
If there's one thing Naruto has a lot of, it's villains. Naruto and the gang face off against some of the most sinister and cruel ninjas their world has ever known. However, the series proves over and over that even the worst villains are no match for everyone's favorite titular hero.
Even during his early days as a ninja, Naruto is able to get through to just about every villain he goes up against. It doesn't matter how horrible they are, once they meet this optimistic young ninja, they see the light and change their ways. It's just another example of how Naruto's heroic spirit and belief in others are enough to save the day.
Starting out, Naruto wanted to become Hokage so he could finally earn the love and respect he longed for all his life. But as he grew throughout the years, he comes to learn the people around him matter so much more. As he gains friends and loved ones, he realizes that what he truly wants is to protect them all, no matter the cost.
Naruto's dream of becoming Hokage never dies, but he also dreams of becoming someone strong enough to protect everyone, and he fights for the safety of his loved ones above all else. His love for those around him and willingness to risk his life for his friends proves he's a hero worthy of the Hokage's title.
From the very start, Naruto proves to everyone in small ways that he truly is a great hero. However, it's not until his epic fight with Pain that he becomes world-renowned for his heroic deeds. Pain is easily one of the most formidable foes the Ninja World has ever seen, and as his reign of terror spreads, it seems like all hope is lost.
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Countless innocents are killed, villages are taken over, and everyone seems powerless against Pain and the Akatsuki. That is, until Naruto steps in and saves the day. It's one of his greatest triumphs throughout the series and proves once and for all that he's an amazing hero.
When the Fourth Great Ninja War kicks off, everyone joins together to take down the Akatsuki once and for all. Fans' favorite ninjas all play a major part in this epic battle, and everyone gets a chance to shine. However, it's Naruto who carries his allies and protects them all from Obito's onslaught.
Naruto faces off against some of the most powerful opponents, including the revived Kage and even Obito himself. While everyone's efforts made victory possible, there's no denying that Naruto is the greatest hero to come out of this conflict.
By the end of the series, Naruto has saved his friends, village, and the entire world several times over. However, he does it one more time after the sudden appearance of Kaguya Otsutsuki herself. Taking on a goddess isn't easy, so he calls on his old teammates for back-up, and the three of them take her out together.
Though Naruto had help on this one, he still shows incredible heroism and strength facing off against such a powerful and frightening enemy. It's clear that without him, no one would have been able to stop her tyranny, and the world would have been lost to chaos.
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