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Character designs are important in comic books and some Marvel villains have suffered terrible costumes for too long.
Marvel Comics has some of the most iconic supervillains in fiction from Thanos, to Doctor Doom, to Green Goblin. These characters are only made more iconic by their incredibly designed costumes. However, not all Marvel villains are as fashionably lucky.
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Famous and obscure villains alike suffer from underwhelming or unfortunate costumes. Updating these characters' looks could breathe new life into them, helping their popularity or just cementing a new design going forward. New costumes are also a great way of granting comic book artists an opportunity to leave their mark on the industry. It's about time these outdated, stale Marvel costumes were redesigned.
Boomerang may be dead, but like the weapon he's named after, he'll likely come back. If Boomerang does return to the pages of Marvel Comics it should be with a costume that doesn't look quite as outdated.
Between the Judge Dredd-style helmet and boomerangs sticking out from his back, his more recent costume recalls images of the often over-designed heroes of the 1990s, though it thankfully doesn't have shoulder pads. If only Boomerang had teamed up with Spider-Man during the "Worldwide" era. Peter Parker could have hooked him up with some cutting-edge Parker Industries tech.
Though Flint Marco has occasionally changed his look over the years, he usually sports the same striped green shirt in most of his Amazing Spider-Man comic appearances. Spider-Man's villains are usually more creative with their costume choices. At the very least, villains typically don their costumes to commit crimes.
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Does Sandman only own one T-shirt? Does he own a bunch of the same shirt, or does he believe that shirt is his supervillain costume? If Flint Marco wants to dress casually for the job, he should have a rotating wardrobe. Giving the character some graphic tees could also be a fun way to show his personality.
Hate-Monger's costume has historically been very on the nose. Whether it was his original design reminiscent of a Klu Klux Klan hood or his newer costume which was essentially a white Captain America suit emblazoned with a swastika, it's never been subtle.
If Marvel is looking to use Hate-Monger in modern comics (which they probably shouldn't all things considered), they need to address the reality that bigotry can be, and often is, subtle. The homage to Captain America's costume is actually clever since bigots often paint themselves as heroes.
Super Skrull's outfits are a little stale for a character known for his shape-shifting abilities. While his costumes change slightly, they're usually some version of a purple and black formfitting suit. This seems like a wasted opportunity for a character that can look however he wants.
Super Skrull's costume should change with every new comic book appearance. His green skin and pointy ears are recognizable regardless of what he wears. Artists could design new costumes for him depending on what superpowers he mimics. DC Comics' Amazo often changes appearances every time he absorbs new powers, so it's not exactly a new idea for the medium.
Bulldozer's costume is so similar to Juggernaut's that Comic Vine described his helmet as "something akin to Juggernauts' helm." Many characters share similar designs, but Bulldozer is vastly overshadowed by the more popular Juggernaut.
As long as Bulldozer looks even slightly similar to Juggernaut, readers will continue to confuse the two, and Bulldozer will slowly be forgotten. As of now, anyone seeing a silhouette of Bulldozer would likely just identify him as Juggernaut. The Marci Camp version of the character did solve this issue by having a different frame, and an alternate universe version changed the helm to look different as well.
Too many female comic characters are stuck with costumes that sacrifice practicality for sexuality, and Selene Gallio is no different. Some of her costumes have been pretty egregious, and it's time the character was given a redesign.
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Selene is commonly depicted in a revealing leather corset and leggings. Regardless of in-universe reasons for these types of costumes, writers and artists control the narrative and can easily change a character's design. Selene is a powerful member of the Hellfire Club. While members rarely like to get their hands dirty, she should sport a more practical costume for combat with the X-Men.
Bullseye is one of the most skilled assassins in the Marvel Comics universe. He commonly works for villains like the Kingpin and battles the likes of Daredevil and Elektra. "Dex" Poindexter first appeared in Daredevil #131, created by Marv Wolfman and John Romita. The villain's costume has remained virtually untouched since his debut in 1976.
Daredevil sports a new costume every decade or so, from his original red and yellow suit, to his cobbled-together Man Without Fear look. While there's nothing inherently wrong with Bullseye's costume, it's definitely deserving of an update, perhaps in the form of an armored suit like Daredevil wore in the 90s.
For a character who wants to evolve and reshape the world, it is a little counter-intuitive that The High Evolutionary hasn't changed his costume in a long time. New costumes can often be met with criticism, so it's understandable why comic artists would want to refrain from redesigning characters, but it shouldn't compromise a character's M.O.
Artists should look to Iron Man and his gallery of new armors for inspiration. Retaining the iconic pink and silver coloring, The High Evolutionary costume could go through constant reinventions and upgrades to reflect his quest for perfection.
New readers hearing the name "Grim Reaper" probably already have an image of what the comic book villain would look like. The Grim Reaper could be a supernatural force with haunting imagery. Instead, the villain sports a sleek helmet with two useless protruding shapes on either side.
Artists can be forgiven for avoiding the more obvious supernatural options. Having said that, the character does have an iconic scythe-hand that already makes him look unique. With a less impractical helmet and some tweaks to his suit, Grim Reaper could look less like a Silver Age comic book villain and more like a terrifying force of nature.
Apocalypse is one of the most famous and terrifying X-Men villains, so it's strange that his costume rarely matches his grandiose nature. He sports an imposing figure, but the actual details of his costume leave much to be desired. The ancient villain usually wears a blue and silver armor with metallic tubes connecting his arms to his torso.
His demonic face is certainly terrifying, but the large letter "A" on his belt looks campy. Artist Scottie Young poked fun at his costume on Powers of X #3's variant cover. Apocalypse should sport a design that accentuates his power, like the ceremonial robes he wore during Tini Howard's Excalibur series that showcased his overconfidence and superiority complex.
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